1 - New Establishment (Mersis application is compulsory)

2-center transplant (Mercis application is required)

3-all kinds of change registration procedures (Mersis application is required)

Important Notice:

For any information about MERSIS, you can call the Ministry of Commerce Call Center (444 84 82).

Within the scope of the MERSIS (Central Registry System)project carried out by the Ministry of commerce, company/company establishment, modification and closure etc. operations of any kind it has started to be made on electronic media.

In order for companies to make all kinds of transactions via Mersin, the company authorities must be members of Mersin / electronic signature (e-signature).

The Central legal entity Information System and online company operations projects included in the Information Society Strategy and Action Plan dated 28.07.2006 were merged on 08.10.2010 and renamed central registry system (MERSIS).

On 19.04.2010, MTK was started as a pilot in Kayseri and Mersin Trade Registry Office.

As a result of transferring the old records to the system and spreading the application, the system has started to be used in 238 trade registry office as of 01.01.2015.

Due to the fundamental changes in the legislation, the software and technological infrastructure has been renovated to meet the needs of the software and the new version of the application has been put into operation on 06.03.2017.

The central registry system (MERSIS) is a Central Information System designed to provide two basic functions. The first of these functions of commercial enterprises with the company registration, modification and cancellation transactions are conducted electronically stored and registered with the Trade Register and is regularly published content to be submitted electronically. The second main function of all units and other economic entities (merchant, freelance professionals, professional organizations, associations, foundations, trade unions, chambers, unions and their higher bodies, public institutions) the singular number combined in a system with a single point of information about public institutions is to provide legal entities who need to know.

In our country MERSIS e-transformation is one of the most important projects of public electronic services, designed for four basic from the data base (Central population management system (MERNIS), the national address database (UAVT), Land Registry and cadastre information system (takbis) and the central registration system (MERSIS)) is one.


To make timely and error-free registration within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code and to make it permanent.


Businesses, merchants, companies, individual businesses, cooperatives, collective and limited partnership Companies, Registration of enterprises, economic regulation mandated by the Turkish commercial code and the commercial register, the change records are kept of the register name.

"The trade registry is an institution that serves to explain the relations related to the commercial enterprise in terms of the interests of the merchant and third parties."

"The official register for the registration of certain transactions related to merchants who have benefit and necessity in terms of third parties is called the Trade Register ."

"The Commercial Register is a public official register that protects the interests of a commercial enterprise and other commercial enterprises and third parties that have legal ties with and will establish legal ties with it."

"It is a public record of the official nature in which certain works and transactions which are of legal importance in commercial life and which are necessary or beneficial to be known by third parties are recorded."

No action can be taken upon his request after he has not paid the amounts contained in the judicial fees section in the tariff (1) subject to the fees Law No. 492 of any person who makes a request or wants an example subject to the fees at the Directorate of Trade Registry.

In short, our Directorate ' s operations can be listed.

1-our members can apply to our Department for individual records such as business, company, cooperative, Branch and registration with related documents.

2-companies can apply to our department with related documents and make the registration process of their changes.

3-companies registered in our Directorate after the end of their registration procedures after the publication of the Trade Registry newspapers can request from our unit.

4-our companies are registered in our register Directorate of Trade Register Regulation 24. The last registered state of the company (Title, address, official, etc.) as required by the article.) Can obtain registration certificate.

5-companies can obtain documents showing partnership structures.

6-companies and Cooperatives Bank, land registry, etc. they can obtain a certificate of authority in the relevant institutions.

7 - companies ' documents and Trade Registry can be approved by our department.

8-IB and other forms to be submitted to the Social Security Institution can be made from our unit as certified.

9-follow up of the Official Gazette and related legislation changes and their breakdown can be obtained from our unit.

10-members who want to set up a company can come to our unit and get information about which company and how to set up it.

11-companies registered in our Directorate can receive information about the ways in which they should make change requests.

12-companies are informed about what to do for their companies as a result of the relevant legislation change.

13-related official institutions (Court, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Md. Etc. ) the documents are answered and sent by one of us