Family companies account for 90% of Turkey's economy. Their share of GDP is 75%. 85% of these family businesses are disappearing in the first generation. The number of companies left to the fourth generation is 3%. Family companies are also common in our city, and institutionalization is quite weak. In order to overcome this problem, our chamber aims to increase the sustainability of the family companies by institutionalizing them and to improve their competitiveness by improving their brand and reputation management. To achieve this goal, we work with distinguished educators to help our 100 members who are in the process of institutionalization and / or have the potential to be institutionalized.;

Strategic Management

Team and process management

Finance Management

Corporate Communication and Brand Management

Institutionalization Of Management

trainings will be organized and awareness will be created in Kayseri commercial life. The financing of these trainings is provided by the project that we project and present to the rate Development Agency in a way that does not put a financial burden on our room.


1) Strategic Management(10 hours): identifying and prioritizing vision/mission/goals, strategizing and managing, risk and change management, collaboration-oriented management, innovative management and leadership skills, corporate mentoring programs, conflict and relationship management, meeting management

2)Finance Management (10 hours): financial management through the eyes of the Chairman, time value of money, foundation stones of accounting, examples of financial statements: balance sheet, income statement and fund source and usage table, Financial Statement Analysis, profit / loss analysis, net asset analysis, book value, market value, head-to-head analysis, net asset value, management of bank credit relations, management of working capital

3) team and Process Management(5 hours): effective team spirit creation and management, corporate motivation, Human Resources Management, Career Management, Business Processes Management, problem solving decision making

4) Corporate Communication Management (5 hours): internal and external communication, advertising, marketing communication

5) institutionalization Management(10 hours): solving the problems in family companies, what is family companies, basic characteristics of family companies, advantages and disadvantages of Family Companies, managing the transition process in family companies, sustainable company management, company Constitution, board structure, establishment and professionalization of management and executive boards


PROF. DR. BÜLENT HIMETOĞLU / Boğaziçi University – Department of Human Resources and Business Administration

DR.ISIL KESKIN ŞAHAN / Boğaziçi University - Director of Corporate Social Responsibility projects

METIN AKGÜL / Boğaziçi University-Lifelong Learning Center-Economics

SONER Shahan / Boğaziçi University - Field Projects Director



Training Subject Time Date Instructor

Institutionalization Management Episode 5 29.Nis Bülent Himmetoğlu

Institutionalization Management Chapter 5 30.Nis Bülent Himmetoğlu

Strategic Management Section 5 08.May Soner Shahan

Corporate Communications Management 5 09.May ISIL Keskin Şahan

Strategic Management Chapter 5 14.May Soner Shahan

Team and Process Management 5 15.May Soner Shahan

Finance Management Chapter 5 21.May Metin Akgül

Finance Management Chapter 5 22.May Metin Akgül


Training Subject Time Date Instructor

Institutionalization Management Section 5 01.May Bülent Himmetoğlu

Institutionalization Management Chapter 5 02.May Bülent Himmetoğlu

Corporate Communications Management 5 08.May ISIL Keskin Şahan

Strategic Management Chapter 5 09.May Soner Shahan

Finance Management Chapter 5 16.May Metin Akgül

Finance Management Chapter 5 17.May Metin Akgül

Strategic Management Chapter 5 23.May Soner Shahan

Team and Process Management 5 24.May ISIL Keskin Şahan

KTO digital transformation capacity building training and Consultancy Project

With the adoption of the “KTO digital transformation capacity building training and Consultancy Project” which we have prepared for the project Call filed by the rate Development Agency, the writing of the “electronic archive and member module” programs to be used in our room and the integration of these programs with our existing programs, as well as the financing of our Consultancy Services

The new system will be designed in accordance with the requirements of the current digital age and faster in the services of our room, and is the first step of the targeted “Digital Room” concept.

The database used by The Trade Registry Directorate belongs to the Ministry of Commerce with MERSIS, the current e-Archive program with PAPER PLUS, the database belongs to TOBB it will be integrated into the system.

Within the scope of the project, more reliable, measurable and diversified statistical data can be obtained through the digitisation process.

Through hands-on activity and organizational management training, more effective management of events and organizations will enable you to obtain graphics and reports.

As a result of the digital transformation, it is envisaged that the motivation will increase because the workload of the staff will decrease and therefore the productivity will increase.

European Union Projects 


What projects were implemented?

In 2005, two successive and 12-month projects were put into practice. Pedal (evaluate and take Personnel) and anaphor projects that reflect the reversing effect of wind. A total of 321 thousand euros in Kayseri budget.

Pedal, creating job opportunities for unemployed graduates of the University, 113 people to find work, while the anafor project, strong partnership structure of Professional Education Institutions related to the coordination between the 35% interest in vocational education in Kayseri has been aimed to raise the status of. In this project, a first took place in Turkey and the first SWOT analysis of Kayseri's vocational education was taken out at the same time that 1500 people had a pulse with the survey of the situation of vocational education in Kayseri. Thus, it has been tried to help to clarify the way of vocational education development projects to be carried out after this, to make use of these data as a region.

Our three projects, direcçiz, electronic archiving and Edison Bilseydi, were launched at the same time in late 2006 and their applications were completed in 2007. These projects contributed to the Kayseri budget of 185,600 euros.

 While providing support to vocational education with the direcçiz project, activities that will have an impact on the removal of the professions needed in our province and increasing the number of entrepreneurs have been carried out in our province for the next 10 years and now. Our “entrepreneurship” book, which is a handbook for the dissemination of this effect, is very sound.

The electronic archiving project is designed to improve room capacity by increasing it, providing faster service and efficient archiving ease.

Edison Bilseydi project with the efficient use of electricity savings in homes and businesses planned, has become a high voice in the Public Opinion Project has become our project partner Kayseri TÜKOBIR Branch takes over sustainability and continues to work on this issue.

The women with spear Posture Project, which was implemented in 2007 and whose target audience was 28 years old and made up of professional women, will come to an end in November 2007. The project is designed to focus on the gender equality approach and to learn the roles and methods of communication of professional women to move themselves from their positions to higher positions.

Financial effects of projects 

As a result of our research in late 2007, it was found that 113 people had the opportunity to find work through the Pedal project. Thus, the investment of YTL 22,600,000 was prevented in order to provide employment opportunities for 113 people in the production line. 

After the impact analysis, it was concluded that each project had a material impact of approximately 10 times the project budget.

Since 2005, when the projects started to be implemented, our chamber has been instrumental in entering the Kayseri market of 593,271 Euros with only the 6 projects mentioned above. 

 Social effects of projects 

Our room continued to use the experiences it gained after the projects.It has provided employment opportunities to over fifty employees who have tried to provide employment opportunities to the participants who participated in its trainings during sustainability.

 In order to increase Kayseri's project writing and management capacity, it gave 90 people free project writing and management training. After the trainings, 2 people have been instrumental in establishing a business and many non-governmental organizations have made joint project work.

 Our projects, which also help to spread vocational education in Kayseri, are also effective in reaching 35% to 40% of the interest in vocational education in the province.

 Our chamber's first major work on vocational education was to extract the SWOT analysis of vocational education and was used as an auxiliary source in the fiction of many projects. It is also the first time a province has conducted an analysis of vocational education.

 In addition, expectation and due diligence analysis from institutions and organizations towards the development of vocational education is also among the works that help the development of vocational education in our province. 

In order to encourage entrepreneurship in our province and to create a change of mind, he also carried out studies and transferred the concrete output of these studies to the publications he prepared.

 In order to provide the vision of Kayseri, our chamber, which is thinking 10 years later, has shown a tendency to take out the professions that will be needed in our province after 10 years. During the analysis of these surveys, the relevant institutions identified the elements needed by the companies with their cooperation and brought together those who needed to work with the companies that needed the personnel.

 These analyses assume it will also reverse the rapidly increasing brain drain.

 Our chamber, which also works on the energy needs of our province, which is an industrial and commercial city, has not bypassed the continuous support for Sustainable Development by changing consumption habits. In a few months after the survey, which consisted of 31 training and 31 criteria, it was determined that the savings rate was stable and a 10% decrease could be achieved if Edison had known. It is hoped that the savings rate will rise further in the future. For this, permanent projects need to be brought up. After our visit to Minister of energy and Natural Resources Hilmi Guler to promote the project if Edison knew about the project, we supported this view by receiving the news that a similar project would be on the agenda.

 In our project, which was carried out under the name of women with spear posture, the aim of the project was also instrumental in the birth of a new profession. The” mediation " mediation law bill, which was raised with the project, drew attention to the project. Mediation offers an alternative way to resolve disputes. Records will be established in the Ministry of justice for mediation, which will enter the Ministry of justice system. 33 of the project participants have adopted this profession. In order to support this initiative, our chamber established the Mediation Center within the chamber and pioneered the establishment of Kayseri mediator businessmen's Association.

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