M.K. and member relations policy

To engage in activities in social and technical fields that enable them to improve and develop continuously with the understanding based on the satisfaction of our members.

14 of the Law No. 5174 on the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. and 15. In accordance with its articles, our Registered Members are grouped in forty professional committees. As stated in the law, monthly meetings and sectoral consultation meetings are held in our unit of committees, whose task is to conduct investigations related to their professions and to propose to the board of directors the measures they consider useful and necessary to be discussed. In these meetings, our members take their problems with their sectors and make solution distributions on the basis of institutions requests and requests at the local level the local managers of our province must be resolved at the national level law regulation changes v.b. problems requiring parent organization T.O.B.B is transmitted and resolved through the relevant ministries.

12 of the Law No. 5174 on the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. in accordance with the article, all kinds of lists, documents, information and documents requested by our members are prepared and presented.

The opinions of our members regarding the draft law and regulation changes concerning their own sectors are communicated to the chambers and Commodity Exchanges Association of Turkey sector assemblies and related ministries by making reports of the opinions that our members have communicated personally with both the meetings we have organized.

Information meetings about legislation are held. Information meetings are held on the implementation of new legislation and what our members need to know when a new law regulation is published and changes are made.