To participate in and organize fairs, symposiums, meetings and similar events that will introduce our institution and its activities at the right place at the right time on a national and international basis.


Kayseri Chamber of Commerce provides information to members and those who wish about domestic trade and MPM (National Productivity Center) services. The National Productivity Center provides training and consultancy fees and can be accessed at

The unit, with any matter related to internal trade and MPM (Legislation, Sunday, Economy of Turkey, Kayseri economy) makes it ready for use by archiving the information provided. It searches and finds information requests from third parties and gives information about the subject. It presents the acquired information to its members, private and public institutions through the books it publishes or through our website.

It makes commercial information, warnings and precautions from public institutions and organizations available to members through telephone, fax and website.

In addition, it collects and evaluates information on internal trade through research and surveys and discloses it to the public.

Our chamber tries to support its members by making credit protocols with banks in the field of finance. The internal trade unit also undertakes the duty of communicating the protocols to the members and providing the necessary information to the members in order to benefit from the loans.

It carries out the processes related to Vocational Education. Registration and termination of the apprenticeship contract. Approves other documents related to Technical Training (mastership, journeyman etc.) and directs them to the relevant institutions. Standards of professional opinion requested by the Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities, is transmitted in writing to the relevant ideas from shipments to interested parties.

It tries to establish a close connection between the vocational schools in the province and Kayseri Chamber of Commerce. Supports the preparation of projects or preparing projects in order to assist the development of vocational education schools in the province. Evaluates the educational demands from vocational schools. It carries out various activities upon request to introduce its institution to vocational education institutions and their members.

It presents projects to the tenders of the European Union. It monitors the projects. It prepares, sends and follows up the information requested by the Central Finance and Contracts Unit. It helps to carry out the winning projects together with its partners, to establish the sustainability of the projects carried out, and to design new projects in order to contribute to the works of public institutions and organizations in order to contribute to the fields that it thinks will be beneficial through the data obtained during the projects.

 Unit; In order to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in Turkey, established by the initiative and holding hands first established in Turkey, was founded in Kayseri assumes the title of secretary of the Board of Women Entrepreneurs work by TOBB.

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce is the unit that takes over the responsibility of education within the quality system. It ensures that annual training plans are issued in the room for training requests from the personnel.

It makes statistics in order to measure the satisfaction of the trainers given by the various units in the chamber and to the satisfaction of the demanders. These statistics convey the satisfaction levels to the related units and superiors. It supports the increase of employment in the city by comparing the job demands and the demands of the employees to find jobs for unemployed people equipped with information after the trainings.

Anatolia, which has been home to many civilizations, has experienced many wars and peace, has experienced gains and losses, and from time to time its development has stagnated, but Anatolia has served as a bridge between east and west.

Our city in Anatolia is known for its entrepreneurship and business intelligence. Our city, which has recently taken its place among the shining stars, occupies the agenda of local national and international press.

The fact that Kayseri is open to innovation and change is the biggest supporter of our province in following the century closely. For all these reasons, our city, which acts with a stronger economy and a stronger trade understanding, is aware of the necessity to compete more strongly. This is not an easy process. Most of the time, companies experience conflicts in various fields, although courts are generally preferred, although different methods are used for resolution of disputes. Courts are often; it can become a waste of time, expense, and perhaps a lack of solution for at least one party. In the courts one party wins and one party may be unhappy.

However, in order to compete in a developing world, everyone must be strong. Therefore, our Mediation Center, which we established in 2007, is a conflict resolution method that focuses on the future rather than the past.

Since 2006, our Chamber has been carrying out studies for the development of this activity in our province. The mediation bill is still being discussed in the commission and when the bill is enacted, our center, which assumes the duty of making our province ready, works actively for the elimination of commercial disputes. The activity of the center is undertaken by our internal trade unit.

Domestic Trade Unit organizes regular monthly meetings of professional committees represented by Banking Finance Institutions and Consultancy Enterprises, Press and Publishing activities, Book and Stationery Enterprises and educational enterprises, and undertakes its secretariat to work in harmony with the chamber.

The unit, which tries to support the Internal Trade Commission activities established within our chamber as the secretariat, mobilizes all opportunities to discuss the activities aimed at increasing the volume of domestic trade in our province.

The active member in associations such as Mediator Businessmen Association, IDEADER, TÜKOBİR Kayseri etc., serves the purpose of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, which supports the development of non-governmental organizations in Kayseri.

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