Chamber Registry unit 5174 with the Union of Chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey within the framework of the chambers and Commodity Exchanges law to register to our room to make records of individuals and legal persons applying, Chamber Registered Members to organize documents, Room Board, Room Registry files to be ready for use in a certain order, the registration of our members changes and


Our room is one of the authorized rooms that performs registration procedures for insurance agents. In accordance with the Insurance Law No.5684, all insurance agents have to make their applications to the chamber in the city center where they are connected after the trade registry-registration procedures and perform the registration procedures to the TOBB-plate. All kinds of transactions related to TOBB-plate registration are carried out by the insurance unit.


A tachograph device is a recording device designed to be mounted on road transport vehicles to automatically or semi-automatically display and record the details of the movement of road vehicles and their drivers ' specific working Times. Our unit provides the digital tachograph card which is required to be used in this device


The Tir Report Card is a customs transit document enabling international road transport and thus facilitating international trade. Tir Report Cards are provided by our chamber which is responsible for carrying out TOBB TIR operations. Report card holders make their TIR operations from our Tir report card unit.


It covers all transactions in the Kayseri labour market where the information on the prices of goods and services is taken from the relevant companies and reported to the institutions or organizations that make the request. In addition, our Survey Unit conducts invoice verification procedures, real estate expert procedures, commercial and industrial Customs, Customs and Customs determination, Fire, loss and efficiency ratio determination.


To prepare a timely, accurate and error-free document in accordance with the legislation. Making this situation permanent.


Domestic transportation to real and legal persons 4925 organized within the framework of the regulation on road transportation T.C. Our K documents unit organizes the K Authorization Documents under the control of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.


Construction machinery, road construction, agriculture, industry, Public Works, National Defense Services, according to the purpose of work on the various equipment mounted on the road, human, animal, can not be used in the transport of cargo motor vehicles.

28 of the relevant regulation of the highways Traffic Act No. 2918. in accordance with the article, the owners of non-motorized vehicles, whose registration is required in the regulation on all motor vehicles, are obliged to register their vehicles with the competent authority and obtain a certificate of registration. Kayseri Chamber of Commerce is the authorized institution in the business machine registration process. The work machine Registration Unit carries out registration and registration procedures.


Capacity reports; to determine the industrial production power of the country, to create industrial information system in order to shed light on economic and strategic plans and programs, to obtain industrial registration certificate, incentives, allocations, tenders and some documents etc. they are arranged for use in transactions. Capacity and expertise reports our unit takes the report applications of its members and arranges capacity/expertise reports by engineers who are experts in their field.