16 Temmuz 2019 , Salı 14:30
Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ömer Gülsoy issued a message on the occasion of July 15, ‘Democracy and National Unity Day..

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ömer Gülsoy issued a message on the occasion of July 15, ‘Democracy and National Unity Day..

Gülsoy said, iz Our nation wrote an epic of heroism, freedom and democracy just like Çanakkale and the National Struggle. July 15 is the night of determination resistance and resurrection, a victory for democracy to be engraved in the history of Turkish democracy. The Turkish Nation; faith, faith, unity and spirit of unity and togetherness poured into the streets as a single heart, by continuing the struggle at the expense of life by showing the indivisible integrity of the country to the whole world once again demonstrated a strong attitude for democracy, declared that the world will not accept any power once again to the whole world. "

            Kayseri Chamber of Commerce President Omer Gulsoy, 'on the evening of July 15 so-called military terrorists, servants of some global powers, with the instructions of their masters, Gazi Assembly, the Presidential Complex, the General Staff, the General Directorate of Security and affiliated organizations, even the nation itself, mosques, by bombing the planes that own the nation and the state, they have shown that they are the most despicable and sold betrayal of our history. ”

            “Kayseri has shown with the people of every political view that the state, democracy and independence are on the side of July 15 evening, K said KTO President Gülsoy.

            July 15, 2016 is one of the lowest coup attempts in our history. Soldiers in disguise (clothes) wanted to kill the President by ordering some global powers and their brains from their masters who sold their souls, wanted to dissolve our government and the Assembly, thus invading our country and dragging it into civil war. Nation owned aircraft, tanks, no creature can not do on the nation and these bombs sold on the rainfall bombs, obviously, our history, ancestors were unaware. They thought they would take over the state with three or five planes and tanks they thought they would control and take the nation captive. They did not know that this nation, 100 years ago in the Dardanelles and the National Struggle because of the four corners of the country, "Do not touch the hand of the temple of the namahrem hand," as he died yesterday for independence, today, just like his ancestors was ready to drink the sherbet. Yesterday in Gallipoli for the indivisible integrity of his country 253 thousand valiant how to run without blinking, 3 years ago on the night of July 15, political opinion without discrimination, without entering into the account of generations and sects, democracy and unity of the country on the streets of the tanks and airplanes that almost challenge the millions 250 valiant, just like his ancestors drank witness syrup. On this occasion, I commemorate 250 martyrs of July 15 with mercy and about 2 thousand 200 veterans with gratitude and gratitude Temmuz With the bombing of the Police Special Operations on the night of 15 July, our 23 year old nurses, our martyrs, Bünyanlı Cennet Yiğit and Yeşilhisarlı Kübra Doğanay, and we are the head crown of all our martyrs' families.

             Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors President Omar Gülsoy, 'That night, like all Kayseri in Turkey was also straight up. Hundreds of thousands of Kayseri people kept Cumhuriyet Democracy Vigil ’in Cumhuriyet Square for days. Every professional member of Kayseri cursed the scoundrels who attempted a coup and shouted with a loud voice that he was in favor of democracy and independence. Kul

            KTO President Gülsoy completed his words as follows:

 Coğraf The geography we have been in for a long time is almost on fire. Turkey, state and nation with this fire is taking steps in the direction of historical responsibility and national interests to see at least damage. When we see what is being done in Iraq, Syria, what is being done in the Eastern Mediterranean and Iran, we understand better what is being done on July 15 as 82 million. By learning from the lowest blow attempt in our history, we must all engage. Indeed, we need to understand the importance of July 15 for our democracy and national unity, and we must engage with each other without ever entering into political bigotry. Turkey, the Turkish nation after 15 July also showed that strong in every area. For even more powerful Turkey, we must work hard in unity and solidarity. The actions against the July 15 coup attempt have taken their place in the history of our nation and our state as an epic of heroism and democracy. ”