2 Haziran 2019 , Pazar 16:50

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Chairman Ömer Gülsoy, Eid al-Fitr issued a congratulatory message.

Stressing the importance of religious and national holidays, President Gülsoy said: "Holidays are special days in which we consolidate our unity and cooperation as a society and Share our joys and happiness. I wish this holy Eid al-Fitr to be spent in an atmosphere of tolerance and peace."

President Gülsoy gave the following statements in his message:

"We all live together the joy of leaving behind a Ramadan-i Sharif, which is the month of mercy and forgiveness, and of reaching the holy Eid al-Fitr. After the month of Ramadan, when we purify our bodies and souls, it is now time to give thanks and Share our joy, joy and peace with each other. The holidays, which take their source from the religious, national and cultural life of the society, are the days of love, unity and peace, which Unite the society and are instrumental in their coexistence and brotherly life. Our holidays, which bring individuals together in common feelings and thoughts, reduce all negative emotions specific to human beings to the lowest level, and bring to the highest point the feelings of the divine, such as to tolerate, forgive and love. We must increase our unity and solidarity in a manner befitting these exceptional days, and maintain our faith in the future under all circumstances. Because it is the robustness of the bonds that make societies strong and hold their members together. What makes these bonds strong is that people are tolerant towards each other, sharing in grief and joy, never giving up on loving each other. I wish that the whole Islamic world, especially our members, will bring peace, peace and happiness to our country, to the Islamic world and to all humanity."