3 Ekim 2019 , Perşembe 17:15

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Chairman of the Board of Directors Ömer Gulsoy, the decision of the central bank to cut interest rates, on behalf of the business world is a happy development expressed.

President Gülsoy, CBRT Monetary Policy Board, a week-term repo tender interest rate (policy interest) by 425 basis points to reduce the 24 percent to 19.75 percent assessments.

President Gülsoy expressed that the central bank should lower interest rates at every opportunity; “Foreign Exchange and inflation start to return to normal course, despite the mobility in the market, while the business world is talking about the high interest rates, this decision taken at the right time is an important step and will be reflected positively to the economy. We believe that the competitiveness of the real sector will increase with the importance taken by the government and there will be opportunities for new production and investments. Especially with this important decision that will pave the way for investments, it is very important for banks to reflect this discount on loan costs in an urgent way,” he said. 

Stating that the business world always has the power to motivate itself, president Gülsoy said: “the business world, which works hard to contribute to the country's economy by taking care of the interests of the country, has not given up in the face of any conditions, continued to struggle. For the business people who work, produce and contribute to the development of the country by converting what they produce into investment, this decision has become another hope in these days of financial hardship. We welcome the decision on behalf of our community, we wish the continuation to come,” he said.