24 Mayıs 2019 , Cuma 13:51
Başkan Gülsoy; ‘İvme ile Umutlandık’

President Gülsoy;’we were hopeful with momentum'

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ömer Gulsoy, recent economic developments made an assessment.

Gülsoy, Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak announced 30 billion pounds 'advanced, efficient, national industry' (acceleration) financial support package with domestic and national production, therefore manufacturing and exports will be supported, he said.

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ömer Gulsoy, global powers for a while to eliminate the insidious attacks on our economy on behalf of the efforts to follow with appreciation, stating, ‘at this point our government to take a series of steps, continues to make decisions. The global focus of trying to bring Turkey to the line they want, our economy, especially foreign exchange and foreign trade balance focused on their interventions in the name of eliminating the work commendably followed,’ he said. Gulsoy, Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak'ın place production and exports focused on promoting the last financial support package announced hopelessly, stating " Inshallah Kayseri, Turkey will be better. With the warming of the weather, partial mobility began in the agriculture and construction sector. Turkish people have managed to overcome every difficult day by sharing, reconciliation, saving, patience and working harder. We believe that tomorrow will be better for 82 million of our merchants and business people than today, " he said.:

“Our country is 100th the beginning of the national struggle these days. He's having the thrill of his year. We know that those who did calculations on this geography a hundred years ago are not finished with their calculations. Those who are in the countries next to us see as 82 million the ambitions of those who want to skid our country in many areas by cooperating with some separatist, separatist and sold traitors, and I would like to express that at this point we are behind and will be behind every decision taken and taken by our state, government, parliament. Turkey is capable of disrupting the economic, political and military games that have been implemented in recent years as well as disrupting every game played on the Turkish people up to this time. At this point, the interventions that the global powers want to make in our economy focused on foreign exchange, foreign trade deficit and investments are not just competent people, but 82 million as we see and follow closely. Our nation has the tenacity and determination to overcome all kinds of challenges.

In the context of this struggle, the financial support package called Momentum announced by our treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak has given us hope. With this package, three state-owned banks will transfer 30 billion liras in 22 sectors to manufacturing and exports to support domestic production. I believe that this package, which is described as advanced, efficient, national industry (acceleration), will add momentum to domestic and national production. Low-cost, long-term financing support will be provided to the agricultural sector along with areas such as raw material supply, intermediate goods manufacturing, machinery manufacturing Dec. This decision will increase the production and competitiveness of our merchants, business people in all areas. According to the minister three public of our bank, especially our SMEs in this area will with this support, entrepreneurs will begin to move new investment as they used to, hopefully, Kayseri, Turkey produce more and more new markets will reach.

We believe that our government and related public institutions will take new steps against manipulations towards the Turkish lira. We hope that the currency will be more stable and that interest and inflation will be dragged down further towards the end of the year. With the fall in fruit and vegetable prices in the summer months, partial mobility in the construction sector and agricultural work, we expect unemployment to fall to a single digit figure towards the autumn.…

Meanwhile, the Union of Chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, our, TIM, our young entrepreneurs with the contribution of our institutions as DEIK, they're trying to reach new markets around the world. Finally, we appreciate and carefully follow the contacts of Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, the president of TOBB, our esteemed countryman, in the United States. We are following closely the attempts to sign the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in order to increase the trade volume between the two countries to $ 75 billion, with the opening of a Turkish Trade Center in Chciago, one of the major states of the United States.…

We believe that the future will be better for Kayseri and for our country than today. As long as we work harder and produce more in unity and unity and continue our search for new Sunday. I believe that the future of Kayseri and Turkey is brighter.