24 Ocak 2019 , Perşembe 13:40

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Chairman Ömer Gülsoy, CNR IMOB-International Istanbul Furniture Fair stands opened in Kayseri companies visited.

KTO Chairman Ömer Gülsoy was accompanied by Kayseri OSB Chairman Tahir Nursaçan, KTO Vice Chairman Hacı Bekir Kuzucu and Hasan Köksal, and board members Hüseyin Mercan and Şevket Uyar.

15 this year.'si organized and will continue until 27 January, the fair directly 90 Kayseri companies in the presence of the president Gülsoy stated that this number is an important figure for Kayseri.

Referring to the importance of producing to have a strong economy and selling to foreign markets, President Gülsoy pointed out that such fairs are important in finding new markets, “600 companies will participate in the 2nd largest fair in the world, we are now coming after Italy. In fact, when you look at the number of visitors and what we do, we are committed to being leaders. At these fairs, people promote themselves, adding prestige to their brands. I hope that prestigious fairs of this nature will also be held in Kayseri. Now, when you look at the companies that have a say in art and design in Turkey, we have companies that can compete with all the companies in the world in the furniture sector. When we look here, the lines have changed so much that they turn to style. This success brings our people to establish R & D investment design centers here. I hope there will be more beautiful fairs we wish to pass a fertile fair. We are currently participating in nearly 150 companies. 90 of these companies are directly related to Istanbul, approximately 60 of them indirectly. We came to visit these companies. Friends we visited at the moment in attendance, especially when we see that our companies working in terms of exports are satisfied, we are also pleased," he said.

In addition to Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, visitors and VIP reception delegations from 110 countries including Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, India and the United Arab Emirates are invited to the Fair, saying they believe it will revive the sector and support KTO Management in such organizations.