13 Şubat 2019 , Çarşamba 14:15

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO), “intergenerational company management and corporate Future Project”on the Central Anatolia (ORAN) Development Agency signed a Technical Support Contract.

After the “training and consulting on Capacity Building Through Digital Transformation” Project, which was signed in the past months and whose training is still ongoing, a new project has now been developed for the further development of companies through institutionalization.

The project, which was prepared by the KTO project team in accordance with the needs of the companies towards institutionalization, was submitted to the ORAN Development Agency and was deemed appropriate by the agency and a new contract was signed between the parties.

KTO Chairman Ömer Gulsoy and ORAN Development Agency Secretary General Ahmet Emin Kilci wished the agreement to be auspicious in both parties.

President Gülsoy made a statement about the project; “during the election, institutionalization and branding are important, especially if we come to the administration of this issue will be focused on and studies will be developed in this direction said at every opportunity. Family companies account for 90% of the Turkish economy. Their share of gross domestic product (GDP) is 75%. 85% of these family businesses disappear in the first generation. The number of companies remaining in the fourth generation is 3%. In Kayseri, which has its roots in trade and has its name in its industry, family companies are in the majority. Unfortunately, most of the family companies are no more than 3. it goes on for generations and then goes on to thaw. We as KTO have created a new project to prevent this, to make our companies stronger and to enable them to move into the future,” he said.

President Gülsoy underlined that none of the studies have developed in the form of ‘we said yesterday, it happened today’ while preparing the project; “as KTO management, we are moving towards improving these points by capturing the points we think we are missing as a city, not to have done things. Institutionalization was also an important issue that we felt was lacking. We took action on this and worked hard with our project team of 10 personnel. During the project phase, we consulted with the opinions of the people who are qualified for this work and, as I said, We identified the missing points and discussed what can be done about the needed issues. After all these efforts, we submitted our project to the ORAN Development Agency and accepted it as was our previous project. I would like to thank our general secretary once again, and wish the Technical Support Agreement signed to be good for our city,” he said.

Giving detailed information about the project, Gülsoy said: “We aim to increase the sustainability of Family Companies by institutionalizing, and the competitiveness by improving brand and reputation management. To achieve this goal, our members are in the process of institutionalization of elite trainers working with and/or with the potential of institutionalization of our member 100; “strategic management, team and process management, financial management, brand management and Corporate Communications and will hold training sessions on the management of institutionalization, and we will create awareness in the city's commercial life,” he said

"ORAN Development Agency Secretary General Ahmet Emin Kilci, "KTO digital transformation capacity building training and consulting project signed in 2018 and implementation phase" after the "intergenerational company management and corporate Future Project" applied to our agency and received the right to support KTO, Mr. President Ömer Gülsoy before congratulations. Important details were given in both studies and the projects were based on solid foundations. We are happy to contribute to these projects implemented by Kayseri Chamber of Commerce as rate Development Agency in line with the development of institutional capacity, which is the aim of the Technical Support Program."