11 Şubat 2019 , Pazartesi 16:27

President Gülsoy: "Kayseri must be evaluated for new investments”

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Chairman Ömer Gulsoy, Hungary's Ambassador to Ankara Victor Matis in his office has accepted.

Hungarian Ambassador to Ankara Victor Matis, who came to Kayseri for a series of meetings, visited KTO Chairman Ömer Gulsoy in his office.

Ambassador Matis was accompanied by Osman Shahbaz, the Honorary Consul of Kayseri, Hungary, and the accompanying delegation during the visit, which was attended by President Gülsoy and the members of the board of Directors of KTO.

President Gülsoy expressed that the two countries have a long-established historical history and said that Turks and Hungarians are two nations that see each other as friends.

Kayseri, Kayseri Trade, Industry and tourism information to the ambassador about the president gülsoy, Kayseri is famous for its trade in the industrial infrastructure is quite strong, yet not enough share of tourism in terms of tourism opportunities in terms of the development, he said.

This kind of business visits between countries, providing positive contributions to trade gülsoy, “Turkey Hungary, Kayseri Hungary when we look at the trade relations in the foreign trade situation is seen to occur against us. I find this visit of Mr. Matis important in terms of closing the foreign trade gap against our country and our city and the development of mutual trade. This visit is an important opportunity for both sides in the name of new investments, where we will consult on behalf of increasing the export of our members to Hungary and the work that can be done jointly. In the coming period, our members, especially Kayseri business world to make investments in Hungary will be working on behalf of encouraging” he said.

“Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, Mimar Sinan Organized Industrial Zone, Incesu Organized Industrial Zone, including 3 Organized Industrial Zone with a large trade and industrial volume Kayseri, must be evaluated for new investments,” said President Gülsoy.

The ambassador of Hungary Victor Matis, president by thanking for their support and hospitality in the work gulsoy Kayseri and Kayseri increased the confidence of the business world gave they are warm and friendly people, strengthened friendships, as well as the work they would do for the development of trade in this regard, the President was transferred to gulsoy expect support from.

At the end of the visit, a plaque was presented to Ambassador Matis by President Gülsoy in memory of the day.