BGS Policies


To protect the information assets of our room against any threats that may occur to our room from inside or outside, knowingly or unknowingly, to provide the accessibility of the information with the methods defined within the scope of the information security system and to comply with the legal regulations.,

To ensure the effective implementation and continuity of the privacy, integrity and accessibility principles, which are the three main elements of the information security system, in all activities carried out in our room,

To ensure the security of all data in our room including electronic, written, printed, oral and similar media,

To provide information security awareness by giving trainings to all personnel working in our room,

To report and investigate all possible information security vulnerabilities identified in our system or to superiors,

To identify existing risks by making periodic assessments on information security. Review and follow-up of the procedures performed as a result of the evaluations,

To prevent and prevent any improprieties that may arise from contracts in terms of information security in a way that does not harm the system,