Accreditation; The approval of an organization by an independent and impartial organization that it works according to certain criteria and it is regularly audited ”.

Within the framework of the project, which was initiated by TOBB in cooperation with the Union of Chambers of England since 2001 and carried out in cooperation with Türk Loydu Foundation since 30 June 2005; Oda Quality Strategy olan which is very important for the Turkish chamber system.

The aim of the initiative; The establishment of quality awareness among our Chambers / Commodity Exchanges, increasing the respectability of the Chamber / Exchange system in the business world, improving the quality of services, ensuring the convergence of the Chamber / Exchange systems and thus ensuring the harmonization of the Turkish Chamber / Exchange system with the European chamber / stock exchange system.

In the first period, 10 rooms and II. 14 rooms were accredited during the period. Then, in collaboration with the Türk Loydu Foundation III. During the period, 14 chambers were accredited and IV. 15 rooms in the semester, V. 15 rooms / stock exchange in the semester, IV. Period 17 rooms / exchange, VII. Semester 16 rooms / exchange, VIII. 30 chambers / exchanges were accredited and 21 chambers / exchanges were included in the project.

In 2012, the number of accredited chambers / exchanges was 131.

The Kayseri Chamber of Commerce was included in the Accreditation System after the March 2007 audit.

Our Chamber has continued to provide quality and accredited services with the TOBB Chamber / Exchange Accreditation System Certificate, which was received in 2007 and renewed for 3 years in 2016, and TSE EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate, which was received in 1998 and lastly renewed in 2013 for 3 years.