Our Code Of Ethics


* Personnel are based on their continuous development, participation, transparency, impartiality, honesty, public benefit, accountability, predictability, place in service and confidence in the declaration.

* Personnel aim to facilitate the daily life of the member, to meet their needs in the most effective, fast and efficient manner, to improve the quality of service, to increase the satisfaction of the member, to focus on the needs of the beneficiaries and the results of the services.

* Room managers and other personnel carry out their duties in accordance with the standards and processes determined as a service and enlighten the members throughout the service process by providing the beneficiaries with the necessary explanatory information about the work and operations.

* The staff acts in accordance with the purposes and mission of the chamber. The interests of the country act in line with the ideals of service of the welfare and institutions of the community.

* Personnel act in accordance with the principles of legality, justice, equality and honesty in all their actions and operations, cannot discriminate against them for reasons such as language, religion, philosophical belief, political thought, race, gender and so on, cannot engage in acts and practices that violate or restrict human rights and freedoms and prevent equality of opportunity.

* Use personnel discretion in accordance with public interest and service requirements, without any form of arbitrariness, in accordance with the principles of impartiality and equality.

* Personnel, real or legal persons, priority, privileged, biased and contrary to the principle of equality of treatment and implementation can not, any political party, person or group of people to target the benefit or harm of a behavior, public authorities in accordance with the legislation policies, decisions and actions can not prevent.

* The personnel of the chamber shall act in accordance with the requirements of the service with the awareness that the service is a duty of any personal or private interest to the member, shall not treat the beneficiaries of the service badly, shall not delay the work, shall not apply double standards and shall not take sides.

* Personnel in the position of administrator or controller may not engage in arbitrary behavior, coercion, defamation and threatening practices, issue reports that are not based on clear and conclusive evidence, demand services, facilities or similar interests for themselves in violation of the legislation, and may not accept the offer even if there is no demand.

* Chamber employees treat their superiors, colleagues, subordinates, other staff and those who benefit from the service kindly and respectful, if the subject is outside their jurisdiction, refer them to the relevant unit/authority.

* Oda employees report the situation to the competent authorities when they are informed or seen of such action or action in the event that they are requested to take illegal actions or actions that are incompatible with the Ethical Conduct principles set forth or when conducting their services.

It is considered a conflict of interest to have any interests and financial or other obligations related to them and similar personal interests that appear to affect or affect the conduct of the personnel's duties impartially and objectively, and to themselves, their relatives, friends or the persons or organizations with which they are involved.

* Personnel have personal responsibility for conflict of interest and, because they are often personally familiar with the situation in which a conflict of interest may arise, are careful about any potential or real conflict of interest, take the necessary steps to avoid conflict of interest, notify their superiors of the situation as soon as they become aware of the conflict of interest, and

* Personnel can not use their duties, titles and powers to benefit and mediate in favor of themselves, relatives or third parties, nor can they engage in nepotism, political nepotism or discrimination or nepotism for any reason.

* They may not sell or distribute books, magazines, cassettes, CDs or other similar products of themselves or others using their duties, titles and powers; they may not provide assistance, donations or similar benefits to any institution, Foundation, Association or sports club.

• During the performance of their duties, they may not use the official or confidential information obtained as a result of these duties to obtain an economic, political or social benefit directly or indirectly to themselves, their relatives or third parties, and may not disclose it to any institution, organization or person other than the competent authorities while in office and after leaving office.

• They cannot and cannot directly or indirectly use the resources of the institution they serve in the election campaigns.

* All kinds of goods and benefits accepted directly or indirectly, with or without economic value, which are likely to affect or affect personnel impartiality, performance, decision or duty making, are covered by the gift.

* Personnel shall not use and make use of the buildings and vehicles of the chamber and other public goods and resources outside the requirements of public purposes and services, protect them and take the necessary measures to keep them ready for service at any time.

* Personnel avoid wastage and extravagance in the use of Oda's buildings and vehicles and other public goods and resources; they act effectively, efficiently and frugally when using overtime period, public goods, resources, labor force and facilities.

* Personnel can not make binding statements, commitments, promises or attempts at the institutions in which they work by exceeding their authority in the time they work, and they cannot make deceptive and unreal statements.

* Staff help members exercise their right to information. If requested by real and legal persons, they will give the requested information or documents in accordance with the procedure.


* Personnel are accountable for their responsibilities and obligations during the performance of Chamber services and are always ready for public evaluation and inspection.

* The personnel shall notify the Competent Authority of their movable and immovable property, receivables and debts belonging to their spouses and children under their custody.

* The staff who start work in the room are considered to have committed to following all these rules.

Our mission

To contribute to the growth of our country's economy, to increase the global competitiveness of our members, to improve the business and investment environment in our country and in our city, to be a pioneer in maintaining and maintaining the ethical trade culture.

Our vision

With the power of unity with our stakeholders, by carrying out its activities in accordance with changing needs, it is to be the reference institution that will make our city the center of attraction where domestic and foreign investors live.